Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting back to normal...

When the toenails get painted, you know things are getting back to normal!  Physical Therapy started for my ankle - and I'm making some progress.  No walking for a few more weeks, but at least I'm able to bear some weight on the foot.

The girls continue to do well and we are homeschooling through the summer.  The novelty has worn off and now it's pure work - not something they look forward to - but something that must get done each morning.  Jenny is doing 4th grade Math online with BJU Press, and I'm working both girls through 1st grade reading, phonics, and spelling.  I especially like the compositions they write each morning -what a keepsake they'll be some day!

Sarah continues to be critical of her sisters and lazy with helping - so the hammer came down this week.  She prefers the boss lady job - which doesn't fly as the youngest and least willing.  Jenny has come full circle and is an incredibly diligent and conscientious child - but also likes to point out the deficiencies of Sarah - so we're working on that.  Both girls couldn't be more different - leading to constant arguments - but they're both wonderful in their own special ways.  We just need them to see that in each other!

I am learning to slow down and listen to God.  I am realizing how weak I really am - and how strong God is.  I am learning that God has a very low priority in my daily life - and busy-ness is what has become an idol for me. This injury and "imprisonment" may work out for my deliverance - as Paul so aptly put it. :) 

Thanking God for his provision and training in my life.  Blessings, Kim


  1. I'm so impressed with those crutch covers! Where did you get them? Glad to hear you're making progress with your leg/foot/ankle.

    1. Thanks, Karen. They're from Broken Beauties online. :)

  2. We miss seeing you out and about, but I am glad that God is using this time for your good! Let us know when we can come visit! The boys would love to come play for a bit.

  3. Love that attitude!! Sometimes God's grace is indeed found in the yuckier things :) Love, Jenni

  4. It's amazing how God gets our attention! I have had to focus on my time with God, especially in the early morning before starting my day. I find in doing so I have much more patience with all things! Hmmm!

    I pray that you continue to heal and that the girls continue to bond. I feel blessed that my girls have done as well as they have! Only God! He put these two together for a reason!


  5. Oh Kim, I love seeing those painted toe nails!!!! Enjoyed our talk the other day! Want to come by very soon!!! The girls are just beautiful!

  6. Humbling, isn't it? BUT, how wonderful when we have our eyes opened to our own sinfulness-I think busyness is an idol for me as well-that and my current "self-pity" kick, that I really need to kick in the butt and send down the road-
    lots of love