Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Berries are In!

We've been having a great time in our little town, picking berries, cooking, swimming and lots of other outdoor activities in this beautiful weather.  As usual, Hubby and I overdid it and I had to raid the Walmart Pharmacy for heating pads, cold packs, and ace bandages since we're both limping from various dare devil attempts that we're too old for, lol!  Apparently, doubling the mileage of my bike rides combined with killer Maine hills was a bit too much for my "pushing 50" knees, and Perry's slalom "hot start" off the dock landed him a pulled hamstring.

For Consolation, I've made an Almond Pound Cake for Church tomorrow, and we're expecting another fun day of skiing and swimming - with the kids starring - and not us!  

While on summer break, I've had time to catch up on some friends' adoption blogs.  One post stuck out in its honesty and clarity.  The mom was talking about the whirlwind of bringing home two adopted boys into a busy house of many other children, and the exhaustion and difficulty of everything that had to be done.  She summed it up perfectly in these words:

I have come to realize something that is hard to admit.  Their arrival has revealed the level of selfishness still in all of us, the lack of true patience, the limits of our love, the shallowness of our peace, the hold that circumstance still has on our joy, basically-- the degree to which Christ has not yet been fully formed in us.

As we enjoy our peaceful days on vacation, we know that much will change in the Fall when we add our beautiful Sarah Grace.  Her hospital visits will fill our schedule, her English transition will be hard, everyone will have to find their "new place" in the family food chain, and my days will be consumed with helping her adjust to life in our home and in a new culture - all while making sure everyone else is getting their needs met as well.  The mother above expressed the root of our difficulties and distresses so beautifully -  our unfinished state in Christ.

May God give us all strength and wisdom for the change, compassion for our new daughter/sister who is leaving all that she knows, and a love that overcomes all difficulties. :) Blessings, Kim

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  1. Hi Kim,

    I love the quote from your friend. It's very much the same truth as expressed in the A.B. Simpson quote on your sidebar. This IS a hard truth to learn; one which we'll face as well. Thanks for sharing!