Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Jenny and Nana shared their birthday party this year!

The girls prefer family parties and we're fortunate to have both grandparents close by.  Poppy hung out at the counter.

Jenny picked out pizza and our 50 year old Chocolate Cake with cooked White Frosting - not so good for my cholesterol...But Nanny takes statins so she dug right in.

All the kids loved her dinner choice - we even got sparkling candles for the cake.  They weren't very sparkly - but we had a few "sparks" of excitement before giving up and blowing them out.

Next was presents.  Jenny reads each card and is so thankful for everything.

Nana got a new basket for her bicycle and some homemade cards.

Everyone had a great time - and the girls put a lot of thought into their gifts.  Sarah made her chocolate covered strawberries that looked like roses!

 Rachel sewed a dress for Jenny's American girl doll - she did a great job!

So thankful for such a beautiful soul.  She is such a cheerful child and loves knowing Jesus.




  1. Happy Birthday, Jenny! What fun to celebrate with Nana!

  2. The girls look so mature and healthy! I love that Rachel is sewing so well. My girls had their first sewing class last night and I found them a starter sewing machine today on craigs list that they all chipped in to purchase.