Monday, December 1, 2014

Fall Collection

With the advent of Facebook, I've become lazy in updating our blog.  Life has become routine and unfortunately a little complacent.  I forget that if someone hadn't taken the time to post about Jenny, she wouldn't be our dd today.  So here is one more plea for "Gideon" who will soon age out.

He's in my favorite city, GZ, and has a very mild hemophilia - doesn't even require medication.  He would be such a blessing to his family.  Contact me for more info!

Here are some updated photos of our fall activities - we've been very busy! :)  The girls are enjoying running more and more, and ran the IOP Connector 5K in October.  I can no longer keep up with them - they're quite fast!

Perry and I attended the Lifeline Adoption Agency auction and had a wonderful time with Angie and other friends from the local adoption community.  We also got to meet the Hong Kong staff - wonderful fellow sisters in Christ.

The girls have me running to orthodontic appointments, handbells, piano lessons, and Bible studies each week - we keep busy trying to keep up with their quick size changes in clothes and shoes at this age as well!  We finished off the last few warm days at the beach and have been walking and running the bridge regularly.

And now we're settling in for some Fall Fun.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Nanny's house.

And celebrating my dad's Birthday!

We are enjoying our new healthy lifestyle and the girls are becoming excellent cooks!

We've been able to enjoy the fruits of our labor in better health and wellness - as well as improved growth and cognitive skills.  Diet is a huge factor and we've come late to that realization.  We're preparing for the Christmas season now, and hoping we have a few more warm days to enjoy our outdoor activities.  Our nutritional plan has become a small business for me as I help others feel healthier and slim down as well.  I keep office on my new carbon frame road bike - perfect for older bones - and drink my healthy shakes after exercise!

Enjoying life and keeping Christ at the center - wondering what God has in store for us next.




  1. Everyone looks great! How are you teaching the girls to cook? Do you rotate?

    1. K - I've just been so busy around dinner time that the girls have had to pick up the slack for me. They've done surprisingly well! I few mishaps - but overall they're getting really good! :) Now that I can't eat junk food, I let them cook all the goodies since I don't care how they turn out, haha! They've done beautifully!

  2. reading the update about your sweet family! The girls are growing up so fast!