Sunday, May 4, 2014

Double Dutch 2014

The girls started Double Dutch Jump roping this year and have come a long way!  Their first few weeks were a struggle to even "get in" the rope - but they stuck with it and by the end of they year they were doing tricks and doubles.  They qualified for regionals at Florence in the "Jump Off," traveled to Sumter for regionals and qualified for the State Competition this week in North Charleston.  Although they had a fairly basic routine, they performed it flawlessly and placed in 3rd place qualifying them for the World Championships.

I was so excited by their tricks routine that I forgot to video tape it - BIG bummer!  :(  It was the first time they were able to pull off the kicks and low jumping, etc.  But I did get a 1 min. video of the short compulsory routine that is an easy 25 sec basic maneuver test for all the kids - you can see it here. 

I am so proud of their hard work and persistence, and so thankful to have such a wonderful Christian coach (Miss Flo) to encourage them.

When they were setting up the trophy tables, Jenny's eyes sparkled.  I'd never seen someone so excited about the possibility of receiving a trophy.  So when they placed 3rd, she came over and proudly told me that it was the first trophy that she'd ever gotten.  It was all I could do to keep from tearing up over her delight - something we take for granted when our kiddos do 8 zillion sports and music competitions from the age of 2.  

This precious child spent two years waiting for a school to accept her for attendance in her hometown.  (due to her orphan status.)  Here, the sky is the limit!  Love these kiddos - they bring me so much more joy than "retirement."  Had our celebration at the Chinese buffet (Miss Flo couldn't believe what these girls put away!) and paying it back with my Isagenix shakes today.  :)  So glad God put these beautiful souls in our lives.



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