Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tribal Summit by the Lake

The Rowe tribe came to visit the Jackson Tribe - all the way from SC.  We were so happy to see a face from home and hear Miss Kelly's southern drawl for a while.  The kids had a ball cooking hotdogs over the fire and making s'mores and running around in circles playing something with a ball. :)

The old people had Perry's Chicken Chili and the Baptist ladies' Raspberry Pies - yum!

The big kids went swimming in the 60 degree weather and came out around 8pm looking like prunes and slightly blue from the chilly water. :)  Even the Puppy found a friend.

The kids stirred the coals a bit much and made for smoky pics

Having friends visit made saying goodbye to Lauren and Kat a little easier.  We've enjoyed seeing them this summer - they're so grown up!  So glad we get to keep Webb a little longer...

Scott hung out with the men when he wasn't retrieving little ones from the surf.  He's grown up so much and is such smart and able young man.

It is so good to fellowship far from home - can't wait to show them our old fashioned little Church tomorrow where the kids can pull the rope and ring the steeple bell.

Blessings, Kim

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