Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer begins and an update!

We start school early each year so we get half days by May.   The weather is so beautiful and the beach so empty that we head down almost every afternoon.  The kids are into Boogie Boarding this year, which stresses my poor car to its cargo limit.  Note the limited visibility out the back window...

We were missing one kiddo here (still in school) and trying to figure out how to afford a new minivan - when I remembered that hubby's car has a lot more cargo space and one more seat!  So we switched cars, I fired up the big diesel, and we fit just fine.  His car is at 199,000+ miles - but keeps on going!  I don't have to stress about kids getting surf and sand all over "new car seats" - this car is an oldie but goodie. :) I feel somewhat "manly" driving a big Ford diesel - but the price is right!

My high zoot Bed Bath and Beyond Plastic toy Bag

The girls stay busy with their construction projects - in between riding waves and eating snacks.  Each day we truck down buggies, chairs, coolers, boards, and enough food for an army - and that makes us hungry!  When we get home, it's parties around the clock with all the graduates, summer socials, and baby showers.  I'm looking forward to a slower paced June!

My view most days

The girls have enjoyed our homeschool soccer league.  The young moms and dads do a great job coaching, while the old moms and dads watch. ;)  The kids get a lollipop at the end if they memorize their Bible verse -  I get the dental bill - but who's counting after 4 adoptions and all kinds of dental adventures...

After our first year of school, Jenny is now solidly on a 2nd grade reading level (out loud) and reading some 2nd-3rd grade easy chapter books.  She particularly likes the Journeyforth books (BJU Press) I am so proud of her efforts!  Sarah is moving into 2nd grade reading beautifully - thanks to her school's "Reading Recovery" program, and is reading Cam Jansen easy chapter books. Her out loud reading is beautiful - Jenny struggles with articulation due to her paralyzed face.  We are hoping to start speech therapy soon - now that she is comfortable with her new braces.

I am thanking God that I am able to walk, drive, go to the beach, and do all the things I missed last summer while laid up for 12 weeks and all of vacation.  Having your health is a gift.  I'm thankful that I'm able to walk, take care of my family, and cook for myself.  (although that has consequences!)

We have greatly reduced our scheduled activities, and are spending time with neighbors and family.  Thanking God for this rest in Him and this opportunity to enjoy my children and husband.  Praying for the children left behind who yearn for the security, love, and the comfort of belonging, and hoping to welcome more home in the future.



  1. The girls are out after next week. Give me a shout and we can meet ya out there.

  2. The girls are out after next week. Give me a shout and we can meet ya out there.