Monday, December 10, 2012


I have been praying and advocating for this boy since March - and not one person has asked about him.     He has been waiting - first with a foster family - and now in the orphanage for more than 10 years.  He and his best friend "Chad" have been waiting together, and now a family has come forward for his best buddy - but Chaz (pictured above) has only two and a half months for his family to find him before he ages out.  He is now almost 14 years old, and reportedly "nice, funny, generous" and wants nothing more than to "become a useful person."  His special need is simply that at a young age his hair fell out. It has grown back in.  He now looks like this:

Can you see his terrific personality shining through?  Humor gets you far in life, and helps you deal with the worst of circumstances.  He has the look of optimism in his eyes, and I hope and pray that someone "sees their son" in this picture.  He can take a toy car apart and put it back together.  He has spent nearly 14 years on this earth never having a dad to teach him sports or a mom to cheer him on.  My heart is breaking because the outlook is grim - he needs a miracle family - someone with incredible energy, resources, and most of all faith - to make this happen.  He needs all of US to intercede for him with the father.

Mother Teresa once said, and I agree:

Please remember Chaz in your prayers.


  1. You know I am joining you in prayer dear friend!

  2. praying and advocating in W MI!

  3. Praying that the Lord will pour out mercy for this precious child!

  4. We just got home with a wonderful 12 year old boy. Wish we had room for one more but feel certain our family is finished. We are having a wonderful time with this boy - older child adoption is challenging but also delightful. We will be praying!