Saturday, August 18, 2012

Looking for a family...

     I have received a final "no" from my hubby - so I'd like to make a plea for someone to come forward for this child.  He has been waiting for FOUR AND A HALF YEARS on the shared list (and many agency lists) and his only special need is a family.  He's smart, athletic, positive, extroverted, and happy - just desperately wants and needs a mom and dad.  He likes Basketball, Ping Pong, and fishing.  He has won numerous awards for excellence at school - he just shines.

     There is video of him and several updates - all talking about his successes in school, many friends, and sweet "tenderhearted" personality.  Unfortunately, his file will return to the shared list of 2,000+ names on Monday - and he will be lost in the multitudes of orphans needing families.  He has until August of 2013 to find a family.  After that, his file will be closed, and he will move forward in life alone - never having the chance for a family - for his own dad and mom.  

     Will adopting a 13 year old be easy?  Of course not.  Will learning a new language and culture at 13 be hard for him?  Of course it will!  But compared to a lifetime of loneliness, these challenges pale in comparison.  God has called us to be His hands and feet to orphans and widows - to make a difference in the lives of others.  Adoption changes lives - but mostly for the families receiving these beautiful children.  This young man is a blessing waiting for someone willing to take a leap of faith - could it be you?

Blessings, Kim

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.  
Psalm 127:3


  1. Kim, he's so cute! Surely there has to be a family out there ready for this child! I pray they step forward today!

  2. I'm praying, too, Vicky! I wish we could afford it.

  3. Anyone thinking about adopting older boys, PLEASE reach out to me! I have two and they have been life changing and we are SOOO in love with them. Happy to share our experiences and insights from the BTDT perspective. Let's get this precious boy a home.

  4. Everyone can read my blog and see what my experience has been. Honestly, over all, it's been much easier than I expected and super fun.