Monday, September 5, 2011

Colin comes to America!

The welcoming committee - Annie, Kim, and crew

Colin with Annie's boys and a friend!

The Rylands - full of energy after 2 days of travel - Colin will fit right in as he is just as enthusiastic about everything!

The Rylands arrived home with their new 14 year old son last night!!  The plane got in at 8:30 pm  - the problem was it wasn't supposed to arrive until 8:55!! Angie called to ask where we were and everyone was still on the road to the airport, lol.   So they hung out by the gate till we could arrive with banners, video cameras, and welcomers a few minutes later...

When they finally came through we couldn't believe the ease with which Colin greeted everyone and observed everything - completely new surroundings, no language, and he just laughed and played with all the kids.  He was so helpful to Tom - and Angie said she never had to carry a bag the entire trip - he insisted on doing the men's jobs with Tom - he's just darling!  (Thankfully he doesn't know English to hear me describe him as "darling," lol!)    I am blown away at how polite and especially how brave he is - would I have the same courage in his position??

All the kids loved him, and the older boys seemed to have that non-verbal way of communicating and making him laugh at boy sillies - he's going to do great. :)  Six year old brother Tommy, as articulate as most adults, will have him speaking English in no time!

After we returned home, I couldn't help but just sit and think about all the changes this young man is experiencing with such grace.  It brought me to tears to reflect on God's hand in the last few months of Angie's incredible paper chase, and realize how close Colin came to missing the opportunity to become part of this incredible family.   It brings to mind all the other waiting children and the words of Christ;

"with faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains."  

The Rylands have moved mountains of paperwork in their race to China - and have been blessed beyond measure.  We are so happy for them all.


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