Thursday, August 15, 2013

Persian "Golf" and more Maine Adventures...

There are many misunderstandings with kids who are new to a language - especially in subjects like history where new words are many.   I often explain new concepts like "irrigation" and "civilization," but somehow missed the chance to explain what a "gulf" was.  So when studying the geography of the Middle East, Sarah naturally thought I was pointing out the place that Abraham and the rest of the Sumerians played GOLF!  Hence her scrapbook page for today's lesson on the Fertile Crescent.  This one's a keeper...

We've started doing a little bit of school here in Maine, but will start the bulk of it when we return to SC.  There are unique opportunities for learning up north - things we don't typically hear about at home.  Recently we went to a library presentation on North American bears.  This shows the size of a Brown Bear compared to a boy.

 The presentation was very "hands on." The kids got to assemble a real bear skeleton - each group doing a portion.  It was very clever!

 Here is the proud crew in front of the reassembled bear.  We've also had time to see agriculture in action - our local blueberry and raspberry farm has been very helpful.

We learned about and rode in a Model A Ford at the Baptist Church Raspberry Festival

And we haven't neglected the Arts!  The girls have been to two plays with Nana - "Mary Poppins," and "The Velveteen Rabbit" were terrific, and the girls posed with the actors and got their autographs. :)

We've had a wonderful time starting school as the weather grows cooler.  The girls still ski and tube, but it's a little too cold for mom - even with a wetsuit.  Maybe I can get up the courage - but I'm a Carolina girl at heart.  I can't wait to post about our summer reading and some of the wonderful books we've discovered at our little Maine library.  There are so many interesting books to go with our study of World History and Geography this year!  

It's still warm enough for soft serve at Fast Eddies - and we're enjoying our Tubby's Ice Cream as well.   We're having a wonderful summer and resting in the slower pace of a small town.


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